About the International Dating Academy

I am passionate about self-reinvention, personal ”recycling” and transformation. I have mentored many “hopeless cases” who have had a seemingly total inability to find true and lasting love – including myself. Drawing on my own strategies for relationship success, I believe in the maxim “there are no victims, only volunteers.” Regardless of your age, if you follow my road maps, settling for loneliness, mediocrity or misery will no longer be a viable option – love will be your reward! I can empower you with an armoury of weapons to give yourself an emotional, spiritual and physical makeover, supporting you to embrace life, no matter how traumatic your relationship past or present.

Accompanying others on their journey gives this traveller a greater “buzz” than any quick fix ever could. Stick with it and you will soon be uplifted. I’ll show you how to courageously overcome obstacles, so you can rewrite your own personal emotional script.

The road ahead may be rocky. I am real, authentic and in-your-face and may constantly challenge your core beliefs. Embarking on and sticking to The Work is demanding. However, if you want to bask in the rewards just like me, you will choose to remain willing to take constant and determined action. You will be open to the suggestions I make. There is simply no other substitute.

Nobody gets out of this lifetime alive. There is only one kick at the ball. Go for gold!

Through inspirational group workshops, seminars and individual consultations, I will show you how you can reconnect to hope, life and love.

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