Dreams coming true

It’s never too late to boogie!

May 15  |  Dreams coming true, Self-Help, self-reinvention, self-transformation  |   Cynthia

Once upon a time you had dreams. Then the Big Bad Wolf, called LIFE, came along, grabbed you by the throat and shook these the hell out of you.

So – then you told yourself that it was “too late”, or that you’re “too old”, or “too busy”, or that “there’s no point” – and other such tripe. Or – even worse – you allowed somebody in authority, such as a parent, teacher or partner, to piss on your campfire and extinguish what you know your inner wisdom was begging you to do.

The bottom line is – it’s NEVER too late to embrace a dream, no matter how old you, or it, might be. Where’s it written that you can’t? You only can’t if you think you can’t! It’s possible to rewrite your life script at any time. Why do you think that you don’t deserve the good stuff, like other people? While there’s life there’s hope. Time will pass anyway, so why not make the most of the time you have left? We all know people who’ve checked out of life way too early. The saddest words in the English language have got to be, “too late”, and “if only”.

Now – today – is the time to unblock your creativity, whatever the latter means to you. You don’t need anybody’s permission. You can choose to live your life in black and white – OR – in glorious technicolour. The choice and the power to do so is yours.

Once upon a time, when I was 14, I was told by an occupational psychologist, that I wasn’t academic. My father colluded with her, and between them they stitched me up big time, telling me that I’d just get married anyway, so I might as well do a secretarial course. Given that it took me until I was 52, to grow the balls to stand up to my authoritarian parents, I found myself hurtling along that traditional path, and into my first unhappy marriage, aged 18.

It took the catastrophic death of my son in the car I was driving, in 1987, and my daughter’s severe injuries, to eject me from the quagmire of despair, propelling me into taking 2 A levels part-time, the year after Anthony died. Less than two years later, I was admitted to Cambridge University, to read law. Aged 30, with a major tragedy to contend with. boy, did I prove those academic naysayers wrong!

I’ve gone onto pass many exams since then and, last week, I was offered a place to do a Master’s degree in Mindfulness. So much for not being academic! And it was the same with all of my relationships and my two doomed marriages, before I found happiness with my third husband, Peter, in 2002. Never settle for less than you’re capable of in any arena of life. Find inspirational role models, read uplifting books, listen to rousing music. Whatever you do, never, ever give up your biggest asset – yourself!

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